WHITE LION is a hardrock band which had some big hits in the 80's and 90's like "wait", "radar love", "cry for freedom" and "when the children cry".
WHITE LION released four studio albums in the classic line-up with Mike Tramp (vocals), Vito Bratta (guitar), James Lomenzo (bass: also played with Megadeth, Black Label Society, David Lee Roth, Zakk Wylde) and Greg D Angelo (drums).
Fight to Survive
Big Game
Mane Attraction

They toured with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Stryper, Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne.
after that they proceeded as a headlining themselves being very succesfull!

After WHITE LION first broke up in 1991, MIKE TRAMP started a band called FREAK OF NATURE, which sounded heavier than WHITE LION and was very succesfull as a live band!
They released 3 albums called: "Freak of Nature" - "Gathering of Freaks" and "Outcasts".

After that MIKE TRAMP went on as a solo artist. He released 7 albums so far called: "Capricorn" - "Remembering White Lion" - "Recovering The Wasted Years" - "More To Life Than This" - "Songs I Left Behind" - the outstanding live album "Rock N Roll Alive" and the latest album Mike Tramp & The Rock N Roll Circuz.

The music of MIKE TRAMP solo is more classic rock, heartbreaking, sometimes very personal lyrics together with a melancholic vibe!
This all melted together with great melodic rock styled music like it was made in the 70's & 80's.

MIKE TRAMP gathered a group of very talented musicians around him to give a 2nd life to WHITE LION.
WHITE LION released a superb new studio album in 2008 called: 'RETURN OF THE PRIDE'.
Also the Live DVD "BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL 2005" has been released at the very edge of 2008

For more recent updates about Mike Tramp you should check The Mike Tramp Fansite.
Mike Tramp released a new album in 2011 entitled Stand Your Ground.